Part 1: 5 Reasons Why I Love Digital Planning

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Digital planning is not an entirely new process but it has been gaining steam in becoming a staple in how we use paper. I speak of digital planning in the same context of how we use physical paper. Many often think digital planning is an app, a CRM system, or a calendar and it can be but it extends beyond those to preserve the integrity of using paper in a traditional sense. So here, digital planning is using stationery products that are sister to physical paper in digital form. It’s digital stationery. These products can be used in a dual way: handwrite or type.

Whether you are new to digital planning or a seasoned veteran there are reasons to include it in your arsenal of planning essentials. I’m diving into Part 1 of this four-part series with the first five of 20 reasons why I love digital planning. Before I get started, I must share how it all began.


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Planning comes naturally to me. I’ve always been a planner, a strategic thinker, and action taker. I’ve always written down the plan and then executed the plan. So naturally, I’m a lover of a good notebook or the right planner.

I was introduced to digital notebooks and planners in 2018. My computer crashed and at the time I chose to replace it with the iPad Pro that had just released. GoodNotes 4 (now GoodNotes 6) was an app that I fell in love with in the Apple Store so I immediately installed it on my new iPad. Then a couple of months later, I found myself back in the classroom. GoodNotes was an absolute lifesaver for storing all my notebooks and PDF documents needed for class. And the rest is history, I’ve been using them ever since.

In the beginning, I used both digital and physical notebooks. As I adjusted to using digital paper, I began to phase out my use of physical paper until all of my notebooks and paper use was completely on my iPad. I love to handwrite things out so for me, my iPad is my notebook and my choice of electronic device to use. If are like me, then you have a lot of notebooks so it may take some time to switch things over. I made a decision to not try to copy everything from physical to digital. I only copied the things that I deemed absolutely necessary. Everything else, I kept the notebook to access when needed and any new add-on information was then written out in a digital notebook.

Now let’s dive into the first five reasons from this series of why I love digital planning.



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It’s recyclable! I love things that I can rinse and repeat its use. Literally, you can duplicate the entire notebook or planner and reuse it as many times as you like. Imagine buying your favorite notebook and only having to purchase it one time but you can use it forever. That’s the value of digital stationery. You can produce many notebooks from the purchase of one.

You can also duplicate pages within the notebook if you need more pages. In a physical notebook once the page is used, there’s no reusing.



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Did I say that I absolutely love a good notebook? 

If you are anything like me then you use a different notebook for specific things. You have a notebook for business, one for prayers, one for workouts, and the list goes on. I literally have bookshelves full of notebooks and planners. The thing is just that … they take up space. Digital planning or using digital stationery allows you to store as many notebooks as you want within the app of your choice without demanding loads of physical space to store them. It’s a win-win situation … space saver + unlimited storage within apps such as GoodNotes. 

 In addition, using your iPad as your notebook saves a ton of space in your bag!



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Hyperlinks are hands down the best thing ever. They are destination links meaning it’s a link that when clicked it takes you to a specified destination within a document or an outside destination. In the sense of digital planning products, they operate similarly to tabs on a physical notebook or planner with more of a pinpoint capability. It’s like flipping pages on steroids. The designer of digital stationery products may include hyperlinks in the notebook or planner OR you can add your own hyperlinks. There is room for creativity and customization! 



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Have you ever had to remember what notebook or planner you wrote something in and then have to spend time searching through the pages to find what you are looking for in said notebook? 

Not anymore … the search and find feature allows you to search any keyword, phrase, or sentence across all of your notebooks at one time to find what you are looking for.

This feature redeems a whole lot of your time searching! 😆



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The ability to access my information (my written plans and strategies) across all my devices is essential. So whether it’s your computer, tablet, or phone, it’s accessible. Typically, I take my iPad with me everywhere I go however, the ability to access notes on the go when I may just have my phone is major. 


Stay tuned for Part 2 where I’ll reveal the next five of the 20 reasons why I love digital planning. Comment below on these first five reasons. Which one is a must for you?


add digital stationery products to your planning process!

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