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Hey Fabs, I'm LayTonia

Let me introduce myself. I’m LayTonia, the founder and creator of The Be Fab Collection™. I am a daughter of The King. I’m a wife | mom | veteran | athlete | coach + so many other roles I fill.

The truth is what’s more important is that I’m a woman [daughter] determined to live out the life God [my Father] purposed for me. A surrendered life. A life full of promise. A radiant life where His glory is displayed.

The products that we create reflect my own lifestyle of writing the vision and putting in the work, execution. I understand the necessity of having the right tool to write out the instructions, the plans that the Father reveals and then execute. So, it was necessary for me to provide those tools for you.

made for the high-octane woman

by a high-octane woman…

Bold. Powerful. Kingdom-Focused. Timeless. Productive. Elegant. Essential. Creative. Effective. Strategic. Efficient. Sustainable.

Words that describe the products we create for you and who you are.


The digital nature of our products and its processes support sustainability of the earth and the environments we live in.


We care about the details. Excellent workmanship and quality service are essential to what we do. We are more than a product boutique. We are a lifestyle boutique.


There is elegance in simplicity. Each product is designed with an elegant aesthetic. It tells the story of who we are in the details chosen.

A Global Mission

The Be Fab Collection™ is a boutique and a brand on a global mission to provide premium quality products and resources for high-octane women in a sustainable way. As a manufacturer of digital stationery, we seek the highest good for our community of women across the globe by providing you with the essential tools needed to walk out your assignment in the earth. Additionally, we understand our part in being stewards of the environment by creating products from process to customer that are environmentally conscious. You are the HOW in your sphere of influence. We are the HOW in ours. Together, let’s change the world!

let’s make an impact…

Fun Facts About Me

1. I love Jesus and I let the world know it. I love the fabulous humans that are in my life.

2. I love to learn. I read everything in museums and I talk during movies.

3. Exercise is my thing! I love all things faith + fitness + family + fashion. I am a U.S. Army veteran. And of course, I love a good notebook.

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